Friday, December 07, 2007

Typhoid Mary

I am beginning to think I am Typhoid Mary...

to say I have had a stressful fortnight is an understatement...

we have had;

My mum dying overseas, which has created a whole barrel of problems legally (no death certificate has arrived yet, so we cant sort out her estate)

My dad coming home without mum, she was on a later flight..

Dad having his birthday, then ending up in hospital with what we thought was a heart attack (thankfully it wasn't, it was gall attack and anxiety)

The funeral

so I was beginning to get my 'groove' back, after the funeral, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders... and I could now deal with everything that has happened in the past fortnight... but what happens next you ask???

I get bloody SHINGLES! apparently they are brought on by stress??? gee??? Me Stressed????

so now, I am on a mega dose of something to try and alleviate the symptoms.. I have two dance concert rehearsals for missy moo this week, work, my middle childs birthday on wednesday and lordy knows what else is happening this week, and I am going to be STUCK at home...

Of course I haven't started/finished christmas shopping, let alone birthday shopping, so I am going to be super busy next week before kids break up from school..

am I stressed???

you bloody betcha!!!!!

Lissa aka Typhoid Mary
stressing out big time!


de vliegende koe said...

I’m so sorry to hear about all the sad events. I hope you will feel better soon! Stress can do strange things to people. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lissa, you poor darling! Shingles is completely misery making - I get it every few years (buggered if I know HOW, I thought they were supposed to go away?!) always along the same nerve path.
Hope things settle down SOONEST!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Try to take some time to look after yourself. I hope things seem better soon. Thinking of you. lucy x

Anonymous said...


One of the other dance mum's will do the rehearsal run for you. Phone Pizza Hut or McDonald's or similar and organise a birthday party there, learn to accept help and rely on other people.

Shingles is painful and can be quite debilitating (as I'm sure you're finding out), so you really do need look after yourself first for a bit. Your family will survive, despite their grumbling.

It's bee a horrible couple of weeks for you, you've been in my thoughts.

David and Melissa said...

Lissa, I am so sorry for all that has occurred .I believe that you have a good run after such a bad one. I sent you my best wishes and good vibes.
Melissa xxxxxxxxxx

Sarah Nopp said...

I say phone it in.
Order the gifts online.
And call your GIRLFRIENDS for help! That is what they do best, right?
Get better, have a glass of wine or something :S