Friday, December 07, 2007

Scatterdays.... K ?????

This weeks scatterdays is brought to you by the Letter K... Dangerous, Blue and My Neighbourhood.. Pictures, aren't necessarily in that order..

Dangerous = Kids annoying Kitty.. Now I put a pic of my kitty, cause someone said how much they hate seeing peoples pets on their blogs, so I try to use a pet each week.. this person KNOWS who they are *W* Our Kitty HATES being held, and definately hates wearing a wig, can you tell by the expression on his face how much he is enjoying wig wearing???? Our Kitty probably thinks the kids are living very DANGEROUSLY because as soon as my son put the kitty down, he attacked son.. you'd think son would learn now wouldn't you???

Blue = now this was a tough one.. then I remembered Kraft Cheese (and I use the term loosely).. now I am not a cheese snob, heck, I am lactose intolerant.. but I did think I should go out of my way and get some King Island Brie which is a definately NONO for someone who is lactose intolerant (could of used this one for dangerous LOL).. alas, the local quickie mart (aka the IGA) doesn't sell King Island Brie, in my town, I think I was lucky to find KRAFT pretend cheese.. so here you go, Kraft Pretend cheese in a blue box.. I had a slice and it tastes exactly how I remember it, digusting! (Kids love it though???)

My Neighbourhood = well its kinda in my neighbourhood, its in the next suburb, but I am claiming it as my neighbourhood, as next suburb has same postcode! The oval is named after KEVIN Evans, who was a local man who did a lot on council and other community stuffs.. he had the oval named after him before he died, he was my friends father in law..

Bring on next weeks challenge!


Fran said...

Congratulations for even getting your SCatterdays done! You are amazing. You did know you don;t have to buy an item to get a picture don't you ? (the cheese)
hugz and keep strong,

Dy said...

I love your choice for dangerous! :-) Kitty looks very becoming in his wig.

rooruu said...

What excellent choices (esp. like the dangerous kitty and the Kraft cheese!). Get well soon!

Michelle Watters said...

Very good - especially for a woman home with the pox. Hope next week is better for you.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed you found time to do scatterday this week. Great choices. Now get to bed!

Alison said...

How could you let this happen to kitty.....Lissa Iam not happy!!

Lissa Jane said...

Alison, the bastard cat wasn't too happy with the wig, but sometimes I think he just gives in.. much easier.. of course when wig was off he attacked the kid that was holding him, so if I had thought of it, it would of won funniest home video..