Friday, April 18, 2008

I love my postman!

I love my postman... I should say, SOMETIMES... yesterday and today has been two days of quilty business...

Yesterday my winnings from Sue Daley Designs its in the packet you can see at the back, with the circle applique.. it is a set Pie Paper Piecing templates and papers to make these gorgeous blocks. I had planned on making the quilt that was on the front of the Australian Patchwork & Quilting last month (if you haven't seen it, it was worlds square blocks, done 'trip around the world' style with a pie pieced border.. AND in civil war fabrics.. lovely) so these paper pieces will come in handy big time!!!! Thank you Sue!!!!

The postie also bought me ANGEL mail from my SCQuilters year long angel, a gorgeous Cinderberry stitchery and threads, and the cutest cloud postcard! A fitting postcard from an angel dont you think???

Today, the postman delivered angel mail from my RETREAT angel, Quilt Rose is her nick name.. a lovely angel colouring book (quickly snafoo'd by miss Lara), a gorgeous gold bookmark with a wee tape measure attached (will save the corners of the pages of my books) and a wee pouch which I just think is so sweet... and I just LOVING the fabric.. I am envious of anyone who can do zippers, mine always come out skewiff, I know there is a trick to zippers, but patience isn't one of my strongest points! I had a giggle when I read the return address on this parcel, it said HEAVEN...

Am I spoiled or what???

Had another trip to the solicitors with dad today, and had to go and pay some bills for him. He did overdo it a little by going out, but he is getting cabin fever sitting at home all day! Please, if you haven't got a will, do your family a favour and get one.. its been 5 months since mum passed away and we are still fighting with the superannuation mob, we have called in the big guns, our local federal government member (the lovely Greg Combet) and after we get our $'s from the Superannuation mob, we are to have a meeting with him and see if we can't get legislation or rules changed, its ridiculous the amount of hoops you have to go through to get a deceased persons funds.. ARGH!!! SO GET A WILL!!!!!

OK I am off to my sewing machine, if you dont hear from me for a couple of days, send a search party, I'll be the one passed out at the machine and chained to it!! LOL

Quilty huggers to you all



Jodie said...

Yikes, you know I don't have a will, never figuring I owned anything of enough value to bother.....but seriously....who would get my fabric?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

You got some lovely goodies there Lissa!

Hope you don't really pass out at the sewing machine! Make sure you take time off! Lucy x

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, lucky you! Sorry about the will problems -- whatever happened to the good old days when you could die and your loved ones just divvied up the goods???

Studio Christine said...

hi liss

I have the pie templates/papers too!

.....and if I ever find my CW repro shirtings, I will put "pies" to fabric!!


Lindi said...

Great mail! Lucky girl...but then, you deserve it!

Sandy said...

hmmmm.... Lissa I think you and I must have the same angel - my angel for retreat lives in Heaven too!!!!

amandajean said...

oh, goodness, no wonder why you love your postman. that is some wonderful mail!

Catherine said...

Nice mail to get! Lucky you!!

You are so right -- having a Will is so important. Without one, it can turn into such a nightmare for the family.