Tuesday, April 01, 2008

what is Gocco???

Hmmm a few of you petals have emailed me and said "Lissa we know you are smarter than us, so please explain gocco to us???"

Your wish is my command....

Hmmm maybe I not too smart, BUT if you click here:

Gocco Tutorial

there is a 'you beaut' or 'ripper rita' tutorial on how to use your gocco..

If you are in aussieland you can buy goccos from Nehoc.

I got my darling from ebay... from a lady who lives just over the mountain from me, so I saved on postage too!

I have also bought a handstamper for it, so in theory, if I wasn't lazy, I could hand stamp my own fabric.. Now that WOULD be cool...

Hope this helps petals!



Jodie said...

Oh man , you got a hand stamper - I am jealous!

Anonymous said...

It just makes me want one more. I wonder if Mark would notice?

Though I just spent $150 for 10 minutes with a surgeon. Obviously I should have paid more attention at school.

Thanks so much for your kind thoughts re Patrick. He is grizzling because it hurts and I am a little too tired for kind thoughts towards him at the moment. My baby - my 6' tall baby. LOL

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I don't dare look at the Gocco thing because I seriously cannot afford another craft interest!!!

nicolette said...

Thanks! I bought a Gocco from Leslie (goodness.typepad.com) in Japan months ago.
I want to start making cards now. Looks soo easy ad fun!

Catherine said...

I had never even heard of a Gocco. Very interesting -- and I think altogether addictive! LOL