Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I've got Mail and a project???

I often share pics of what I've been working on, and this is the latest project / disaster to come out of my sewing house.. I had seen something online, and this inspired this tragedy... I had planned on the long handle you can see, being sort of a wristley doodaddy thingomajig, but the bag turned out too big! oops.. I wanted to make a bag to take on retreat with me next month, and to put siggy squares in for swapping! its too darn big, and the wristley doodaddy thingaomajiggy isn't sufficient, so I am stumped.. I'll probably add some wooden handles or some fabric handles if I save this item from the scrap tub! It is special to me, as the fabric comes from friends from all over the world who have sent me fabric lately to cheer me up or to swap!

Speaking of fabric, I had been meaning to put a pic on my blog of some fabric I got from (for some reason the hyperlink thingyamajig aint working but just type that addy in... bugger @ Blogger) I get a lot of emails from people (especially here in australia) on where I buy my fabric.. I just discovered this site, and to say I am a happy camper is an understatement. The shop owner Carol, is so lovely and I placed an order Saturday and had it within 10 days, which to me, is amazing, as she is in the US and I am in Australia! The pricing for all these civil war lovelies was $7.50USD/yard.. so very reasonable.. so please, check out her site, her range of civil wars and repro's are AMAZING and she'll cut skinny quarters too! If you order from her, let her know Lissa sent you! I told her I'd let all my bloggy buds know about her website!

Aren't these fabrics just yummy????

Today, well I was having a pity party again (forgot to send out invites again, silly me) and the postman delivered this parcel of yummy civil war fabrics!!! My friend Bundy shared them with me, and some lovely hearts to add to my healing hearts quilts.. am I a lucky girl or what???

Go and check out Bundy's blog, she is a long arm quilter and does the most amazing quilting!!!!

Well my dad is home, he isn't 100% but he is much happier being at home, in his own home eating REAL food and not the stuffs they serve at hospital.. and annoying the poop out of me! But hey, it sure makes life interesting!!

Until next time

Quilty Huggers to you!!!



Jodie said...

Hey Lissa, I think I was at the same party today, and I also got some great mail (well it was for jem, but great nonetheless).
I'm glad your dad is home, just keep breathing deeply and fondling the fabric.

Carol Van Rooy said...

I will have to pass the repro print link out to a blogger friend of mine. She is making the Cival War Diary Quilt using Repro fabric.

Glad to hear your dad is back home.

Have a great day!!!

Katherine said...

Hi Lissa!
I've every faith you'll turn your so called disaster around - it's beautiful looking no matter what you want to call it ;o)

My oh, my! Lovely fabrics have been steadily making their way to your house. Looks like you're be well stocked to make all sorts of wonderful projects. Thanks for passing on the source to some of these fabric delights, I'll be checking it out.

Glad to hear your Dad is home. What a time you've been through. Hope he's quick to recover and that you get yourself some R&R too.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I'm going to have to start having some of those "pity parties" myself if you get gorgeous parcels each time! Glad to hear your dad is home - take care of yourself too! Lucy x

Lindi said...

I had my pity party yesterday (and the day before), so I can't come to yours today. I'm trying to get back to life! LOL
Lovely lot of fabrics! Love the bag, even if it isn't how you wanted it. You can work something're a clever girl!

Good to hear your Dad is home. Tell him he has to behave from now on!

nicolette said...

I’m glad to hear your dad is home! Your fabric stashes look so wonderful and you received so much lovely stuff in the swap!
Is it me... the link to your fab fabric shop does not work?

Vickie E said...

Your fabrics look great!