Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Lucky Lissa!

Hello petals...

I have had a busy week this week... My postman will think I am stalking him, I wait for his bike in the street (its a step through scooter, can hear it coming from the next suburb)

Monday he made me sign for this:

Homespun has a 'Hope Chest' giveaway competition in each issue.. I won a Lynette Anderson Designs Mini Mouse Mat, it features Lynette's BOM Pond House.. Its so cute, but then I realised 'bugger I was a runner up and missed out on the pattern pack!'.. can't win them all I guess!!! But i do love this, and its gone straight to the 'pool room' (pool room in the land of Lissa is the sewing treasure basket)

On Tuesday the mail man delivered....

I helped out a dear net friend Lorraine had set up a blog and needed some help! So Lissa to the rescue! Lorraine sent me this as a thank you gift, which she didn't need to do, but I was surprised none the less AND it was a 30's I didn't have.. a miracle! the pattern is an english paper pieced one, and I do like EPP!!!
Why not check out Lorraine's blog?? she has just started so drop in and say g'day and that Lissa sent you here!

On Wednesday the postman delivered this cutie!!!

Thanks to all of you guys who visited Sew Me Something Good, Katherine recently had a giveaway and also a secondary giveaway to the person who created the most traffic! And thanks to you guys, that was me! the bluebird purse is soo cute, perfect size for a take along project in the ol' handbag, the needlecase is something else! I have never seen anything like it, its so cute and such a great idea! I want to know where do you find cards like this one??? Quilting themed cards are as rare are rocking horse poo here in aussieland, and when I find any, I pounce on them like they were chocolate!

I have had a poopy week this week, have had some drama's with my mums 'estate' and the superannuation company.. put it this way, if I dont get some answers or some $'s from them this week, we are contact the Superannuation Ombudsman, I have contacted my local Federal Member of parliament about this, and ours is Greg Combet who was the ACTU president, so hopefully they'll be able to help us out! Dad has the big OP next week, and having cancer and greiving for my mum, well this isn't helping his health! I had to put my cranky pants on today! and they are getting tight! LOL

Well I am wondering what will the postman bring me tomorrow? probably bills.. haven't had any of those for a few days!

Take care petals..


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Carol Van Rooy said...

Step through scooter?!? I thought they rode in on Kangaroo's (HEHEHE).

Thought you needed a pick me up.

Have a great weekend.