Thursday, August 02, 2007

You made What ?!?

Well here is a pic of said 'Vibrator Quilt'... just a rehash possums.. this was a challenge set out by one of the Syd-Scquilters Pennie... Now, before you go thinking 'what do these women get up to at their meetings?' I'll elaborate! The pub we have lunch at, has those wee pagers.. when your meal is ready, it vibrates and flashes.... last month, well the vibrating pagers cause a wee kerfuffle (dont you love that word?) and they 'danced' across the table as they vibrated. As there were probably 20-25 of us, a WHOLE lot of vibrations were happening! So Pennie set us a challenge to make a vibrator quilt.. hopefully those "kerfuffle causing vibrators" will stay put now! I have always wanted to do one of these, and Jodie @ Ric Rac (link to her blog is up there and it was in May) had a tutorial on how to... so off I went.. Now I know i'll never win any quilt competitions with this miniature quilt, its 6.5" square finished.. but I sure had some fun putting it together.. I called it "You Made WHAT??!" after two people had to ask me to repeat what I was making! Very funny! I think I might make another one of these in the future, I certainly have a stash of selvedges in this house! Thanks again Jodie for the tutorial on your site, much appreciated!!!

and success at last! Its amazing what you'll find when you TIDY UP.. I found five, yes FIVE tape measures.. that would suggest that only another 4 are M.I.A.! LOL I love the cow one, you pull its tail out and its the tape measure, very kitsch.. mum got it for me from one of her overseas jaunts!

I also have to brag. I never win anything.. NEVER.. I must enter every darn competition in every book and magazine that comes into the house.. well last month I entered a competition to win a Leanne Beasley book and guess what possums??? I WON!!! I would hate to think how much time and $$$'s I have spent over the years entering competitions but I finally won something! There is an AWESOME bag in this book and I am definately going to make it.. of course I'll have to go and buy some fabric and pellon and.... you know the drill.. might have to piece it and make it scrappy, I am still on the self imposed fabric diet at the moment, only trying to buy fabric to FINISH stuffs.. not start new stuffs!

Well the weather has turned again. Yesterday it must of been over 20C here (middle of winter), today its awful cool and raining.. but the rain is welcome!!

Happy Weekend to you all. I am off to attach some binding to the Lasagne Quilt! didnt' have quite enough binding so I am doing a two colour binding, probably will look crap, but at least the quilt will be finished!
Until next time...........



MaryT said...

LOL!!! Glad to see what your vibrator quilt looks like, you did creat quite a kerfunkle! LOL!!!


meggie said...

Lucky you, winning the book! loved reading your posts, & catching up.