Sunday, August 26, 2007

double doh??? more like HOLY CRAP!!!

You know what? at school, I know you wouldn't know it, but I LOVED MATHS!!! a LOT.. yep, super nerd here!... but today, I was sitting, doing some of my bendigo charm square quilt and I had an epiphany... I can't add up.. nope.. I just realised that setting the quilt out this way, although looks lovely, and if I use ALL of the charms this way on the front, my quilt will be over 100" square.. now, I have been known to bugger miscalculate making quilts before (who could forget the cobblestone epic that was supposed to be 50x50" but ended up over 80" square) but 100"???? oh my LORDY! what a catastrophe.. I have been sitting here for the past hour, musing over what to flippin' do about this hiccup!... *sigh*.. I have cut all the fabric, and it is stacked ever so neatly in its wee tub.. but sheesh whats a girl to do? I have a 4" square and a 4" x 1" finished rectangle as well as two 1" squares.. I might have to do a negative of the block I have already done, and use the 55 x 6" squares already made for a border?? bugger was about the tamest word I used! I also getting large quilts professionally quilted, well 100" plus I'd need to mortgage the house or sell a kid to pay for it!!!!

You know, while I was sitting there.. my second epiphany was... why didn't I think of this sooner??? I am, after all, adding about 3m's of unbleached muslin for the background HOW DUMB CAN YOU BE???? I had to race to the quilt shop to buy what was left CAUSE I WAS RUNNING OUT!!!!! DOH!!!!!

I think I'll have to lash out and make myself a dunce cap, cause possums, this week I will need to wear it a LOT..

Have a busy week planned this week.. Missy Moo has ballet exams in the morning.. then a costume fitting after school.. I have a busy day at work (ok who am I kidding? I have a day at work LOL)

Well I am off to sulk and figure out what the stuff I am going to do with all these charms I have cut up!

wearing dunce cap!!!


Alison said...

Looks like another fine mess you have got yourself into.

My Happy Turtle said...

Just chalk it up to being very ambitious -- which isn't a bad thing at all! And, the colors are lovely.

And thanks for you nice comment on my blog!

Lissa Jane said...

over ambitious? a fine mess? yep both of these!
I worked out with a pad and pencil last night, the quilt, if I had continued on this path, would of been 138" SQUARE!!!! YIKES!!!!

Plan B, still working on that one!

Jodie said...

ha ha ha - and here you are telling me you are perfect .
I love this story Lissa. Still laughing here .....138" LOL