Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another Fairytale...

Thought I'd share this pic of the cat I took yesterday.. isn't he just handsome??? and naughty.. this quilt was folded on a chair and somehow?? it ended up on the floor with a cat enclosed.. this is the kids favourite quilt and the cat also loves it..

Anyways.. the fairytale......

Once Upon a Time... a beautiful princess (again think Princess Fiona from shrek but bottle blonde) went for TWO job interviews in two days.. she reorganised her life without any drama's to ensure she was ready for these interviews... her babysitters arrived on time, her hair looked PERFECT, she even scrubbed up not too shabby... interviews went down well, felt very confident... and the interviewer rang back at the said time to let the Princess out of her misery..

yep bloody fairytale...

I am so cranky at the moment, thinking about it.. I went for two interviews last week, had to organise someone to pick up a child from school and take said child to dance class.. raced around getting references updated / resume updated.. had the interview (they weren't too bad) BUT they said they'd let me know by the END OF THE WEEK.. I should of asked the end of WHICH week???

I dont care really if I dont get either job, but I am always let down at the rudeness of people..

If you say you are going to do something, bloody well do it!

off for the miracle Drs appointment..
the miracle is I got one, after trying for months to get one!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, they should let you know when they say they will. They never do though. Good luck.