Friday, March 07, 2008

What sort of Pincushion do you use???

Bluberry Lane Designs is having a giveaway, you post a comment and show a pic on your blog of you pincushion, well the one you use that is!

The big one is my favourite one, it sits in a basket next to where I sit.. I have things hanging off it, like scissors a strawberry to sharpen my needles with etc.. it is a pincushion NOT for the faint hearted, as it is HUMUNGOUS.. it is a Christine Book Designs pattern, I did it at a 'stitch in' she runs each year in Sydney (didn't go last year) and it has wee pockets around the outside! I can't beleive how DUSTY it is though, I might have to give it a bath! and it may surprise you all that it is made in 30's and redwork! LOL

The smaller one is in my Yazzi sewing bag I drag everywhere.. it was part of a gift my friend Ramona in Victoria made for me.. I just love it as well.. she made me the now Lissa famous drawstring dilly bag (I have made so many of these it isn't funny), a cotton reel keeper and this gorgeous pincushion..

still waking up, we had a bad storm here last night, no power and it went for HOURS.. scary stuffs.. kids freaking out... dog freaking out.... cat freaking out... Dags sleeping through it...

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Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your pincushions are great - especially the big one - what a fabby idea to have pockets round the edge! Sorry you had such a horrid storm - hope the weather is better now. Lucy x