Sunday, March 02, 2008

Woohoo!!! More Mail!

Am I a Lucky Girlie or what???

This is what the postie delivered to me last Thursday & Friday (I am a bad blogger, just posting pics now, but have thanked the senders)..

The gorgeous pincushion is from a lucky drawing on MidOhioKnitters blog ( ) - one day I'll remember how to put links in, brain can't remember today.. and the fabrics are from my secret retreat angel.. am I spoilt or what? I have no idea who my secret angel is, first parcel was posted in Perth second in QLD, so she is a sneaky bugger thats for sure, two different handwriting too.. I dont usually try to guess, but did notice different writing..

I have an interview today! I am scared/nervous/peeing my pants stressing about it.. I haven't for a job interview in so long, most jobs I get when I dont want a job and get phoned up by someone who knows someone who is looking for a lazy fat blonde tart to do something for them.. this is with an accounting firm doing tax stuffs.. now I hate PAYING tax, but tax rules have always interested me, its just a data entry style job, but not stressful dealing with the public.. so keep your fingers crossed for me possums.. I am not overly optomistic but at least if I dont get it, that first interview worrying is over and done with.. I worked yesterday for a friend of a friend (fancy that) he wants me to sort out his life, spent the afternoon going through masses of archive boxes and about a dozen shopping bags of invoices for their business.. they were stressing and I said 'I like this sort of thing' so its all sorted, ready for data entry when I go back.. he wants me to work for him for good, so I'll get 4-5 hours a week doing his data entry etc for his two businesses and his rental properties.. So I have $'s for my addiction.. you know, the FABRIC one..

Is anyone out there 'into' Pandora bracelets or is it just me? My brother bought me a bracelet and six things for it for christmas (he must love me, as I worked out that was over our limit we spend on each other by 4 times), my dad got me 2 charms with bling, and I have bought um, a few more since then!

The fat one is the 200+ charms on it, and the pandora is the skinny one!
I have addiction to charm bracelets, I have 5 now.. I think its five.. LOL yep, 5.. my favourite is my pandora, then my bracelet that has over 200 charms on it all from holidays and people buying them for me, and then my 'sewing theme' one.. hate to think how much I have spent on silver charms over the years.... *sigh*...

then again, I'd hate to think how much I have spent on fabric over the years too..

charm addict...


Vickie said...

woo hooo that's a good haul Lissa...hmmm mystery sender eh?how lovely.Good luck with the interview..cheers Vickie

Vickie said...

woohoo Lissa..that's a good haul -towards your civil repo project eh?but geez a mystery sender ain't life in the fabric lane fun eh,
hey no peeing at the interview ok
cheers Vickie

Gina said...

good luck with the interview. They can be so scary

love and hugs xxx

Jodie said...

How did the interview go Lissa? Was it as scary as you thought?
Hope it went well.

Leah said...

Nice :) I got a Pandora bracelet for Christmas - and am loving it. I never really got into the other ones after my sister managed to get hers stuck in the dog's nose...

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Good luck with the interview and congratulations on the other work you've managed to get! Lovely goodies too! Lucy x