Tuesday, March 25, 2008

busy busy busy busy

Well as my favourite show (the Bill - british cop shop been on forever, ok, maybe 20 years) isn't on a Tuesday night anymore, whats a girl to do? well DUH.. SEW!!!

I had these kits from last year.. now I think I got them just before our 'excitment last year' and promptly forgot I bought them.. I had to fudge them a little, as I couldn't find a transfer pencil, but I am happy with how they turned out. I got the kit from Kate from That Raggedy One. I hope the people I made them for love them...

I thought I'd have a tidy up yesterday of my sewing crap, I mean sewing treasures.. I finally managed to get all my needlebooks and pin cushions together, and sewing tins, I have a few of those too.. I have managed to keep this spot tidy for a WHOLE day, even with having the sewing frenzy last night! The card box you can see, I won on ebay a while ago for a whole 99c.. cute eh?? Its vintage something or other, has lovely pansies on the cards, and I use it for my threads!

Oh I got Mail!!!

I am in two Angel Mortal swaps at the moment (think secret santa) This is the parcel I got from my long term Angel (finishes christmas).. I just love the floss organiser (a horses head, considering I am married to a horses A$$ I think its fitting), a very needed organiser box, some solids (I always need solids to go with the 30's), some gorgeous sticky notes, a cute cloud card - hey, angel, I always behave myself *W* oh and a magnetic photoframe.. maybe to put a pic of my angel in at some stage??*W*

This it he parcel I got from my Perth Retreat angel, it come yesterday but only got a chance to blog today about it.. a beautiful angel shelf sitter, an angel door hanger (which Miss Lara has claimed), a cute pattern, a panel of fabric that is so me (Have you been to my house angel??), a photoframe - which I know exactly what I am going to do with it, and a lovely card with angel dust in it.. I have angel dust everywhere, but we all need angel sprinkles in our life (angel dust - glitter), and the most handiest thing for me, a bookmark! will save folding corners of the pages over, which my mum used to go off her brain about!

Thank you to my angels, I have no idea who either are, too sneaky for me!


Anonymous said...

Ooh, Lissa, don't you just love squishy mail? It's my very favourite kind! You're right, I was on a roll this morning. I thought best to do it in bite size chunks rather than just swamp you (possibly my only reader)! LOL

Like me, you obviously spend waaaay too much time on bloglines, you commented before I even finished posting. :)

That thing was meant to save me loads of time, but I can't resist if I see that red flash come up on the icon. One more chunk (or seven) out of my day.

You coming to lunch at the pub this month?

Sew Prim Khris said...

Nice stash Lissa...love that panel too...hugs Khris

Lynette Anderson said...

I love those Angel mortal swaps, I did one in 2000 and loved every moment. It looks like your angels are spoiling you... what fun

Jodie said...

Wow , what awesome post you got this week.
Does Mr Horses a$$ read this blog by chance?

Lissa Jane said...


Mr Horses A$$ isn't too smart.. he married me without a gun to his head, so I figure he aint a smart cookie!


Lindi said...

Nice pressies. some good ideas there...

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

What lovely goodies! Love your reply to Jodie's comment too!

Stina said...

I love them pincushions you made...hope they still are for sale!

Phyl said...

Gotta love them angels:).

Just stopping by to thank you for joining in on my 200th Post Celebration and see what you have been up to:).


Katherine said...

You've been busy and you've had some great mail, Lissa! Enjoy!

Phyl said...

Thanx for stopping by my blog and commenting!

Check this out:

Carol Van Rooy said...

MMMM.... ,y own sewing room. I'd be in heaven; my own domain to mess up.

chq said...


Thanks so much for visiting, and leaving a comment about quilt borders. I love all your stitcheries! It's too cool that you live in Australia. I've never been, but I do love to travel. One of my favorite movies is Australian "Lantana"...do you know it? Murder mystery; really good movie.

Take care,

Cherri House

Sandy said...

Way cool friend!

The way I understand this new mystery is that the fabrics *read* solid - you know like from across the other side of the room.
And FQ's are okay in place of yardage if they are all the same tone/value/colour.
Then again I could be wrong ....

I ordered yardage for mine but it hasn't arrived yet.

Your '30s repros would make a nice spring them quilt - and it will be finished before our spring ;-))