Monday, March 03, 2008

A story...

Once Upon a time.. there was a beautiful princess (think Princess Fiona from Shrek) who met a lovely Prince Dags, and they were married and had three beautiful children, who did as they were told... who tidied their rooms without asking, who behaved themselves at school.. who cleaned up the cat tray as soon as puss in boots was done and fed and watered all pets without a murmur... who did their homework without being asked, and who went to bed without a whisper...

yep its a fairytale all bloody right!

my kids, I could strangle them.. Miss Lara's room is a pig pen.. I am sure she has the electrician that called in last week in there still, he didn't give me a bill, maybe its cause he is MIA in her bedroom???

The kids told me on the way out of the house to school this morning 'Mum, Cosmo has left you some mud muffins' (mud muffins - cat poop apparently!!)

They all whined this morning cause I had to ask them a agazillion times to 'get ready for school'.. Lara was running so late, her friends at the bus stop come to see if she was going to school!

Argh! Being a domestic goddess is the pits some days.. and today is that day!

Interview yesterday, well I didn't embaress myself by peein' my pants, I was kinda worried cause I was stressing out BIG TIME! But the buggers lied.. if you want someone to work 1000 hours a week for a pittance, put that in your bloody ad! ARGH!
Ad said 8-12 hours / week.. interview said 12-20, and up to FIFTY at tax time.. bugger that.. I dont want to work 8 hours a week, let alone MOVE IN!

Ok thats my whine for the day done!

cranky possum...


Jodie said...

Totally with you on the getting to school thing. We do it EVERYDAY!! DD1 is in Grade 2 so there are some years of this under our belt and EVERYDAY the same mad scramble!! Glad the interview is behind you, shame about the hours.

Lindi said...

No wonder you have a headache today(Tues)!DS once wrote a poem about his room and proudly read it out at school:
I've got my hat
I've got my compass,
I'm ready to explore!
Now all I need to do
Is find my bedroom floor!

Gina said...

tell me about it. It took me and DD Gemma 4 hours to tidy her room on Sunday. And why is it she wakes up at dawn on the weekends and holidays but come school days it takes me forever to get her out of bed.

love and hugs xxx

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your fairytale sounds a bit like mine! My "tidy" house is definitely in my imagination!