Saturday, March 08, 2008

Where can I get one?

In my blogging visiting, I seen a thread stand, that holds your thread horizontal.. its like on wooden base, two wood ends and a thing that goes through the middle and holds your thread on.. now I know I seen it in the last two days, but do you think I can find it, to ask "where did you get it?"

well I got busy last night, something about starting sewing at midnight tells me it is not such a hot idea, but I thought I'd better sew something so I could say 'yep I sewed last week'.. 2 large stars and 20 9 patch blocks later, well I feel like I have accomplished something! These 9 patch blocks are for a swap in May, but I thought I'd get organised for a change.. they are civil war repro's I have another set cut out ready to go.. I like to have 9 patch blocks as my leader/ender project to save thread.. which as I have said earlier, is ironic.. I save thread so I can buy more fabric than I'll ever use in this lifetime??

But dont you just hate, when you are happily sewing along, and you have one block to go and run out of #$(*#%#%( bobbin thread?? I was 2.5" short of finishing! argh.. so maybe if I had SAVED thread I could of got it done??? LOL

The whole time I sewed, a certain cat kept his eye on me, he is like my very own 'quilt police'.. if he likes something he lays on it, if not, well he is a cat, he just shows you his (_*_) and off he goes..

The star blocks are 12" finished, they are for the Claudia's Quilt Shoppe free BOM (link on the side if you are interested).. I have a few more to make today... I am doing my blocks in civil war reds and creams, its for the eldest beast who resides here.. I look at him now, and think 'I gave birth to THAT'.. its taller than me, its hair is longer than mine (and I have longish hair) and it has huge feet and hairy legs.. the guys I used to work with called him 'Ginger Jesus' cause of his long red hair! he told me his hair is 40cm long..

On that note, I am off to start my day.. its supposed to rain (again) today, we have had 10 WHOLE days of sunshine this year.. I might need to build me an ark.. we had a horrid thunderstorm on Friday night, lost power for 3 hours and something very close got hit by lightning.. having no power did cause a kerfuffle in our household, 3 kids + smelly dog + bastard cat = recipe for disaster.. Dags slept??? but the kids asked me at least 1000 times when will it end? how far away is it??? will we flood???

Hmmm didn't realise Weather Forecaster was on my list of mummy occupations, must have to add that to chef, personal shopper, chauffeur, costume designer, sewer, cleaner... well you guys get the drift...

My name is Lissa
and there will be rain... sometime..


Sharon-NZ said...

LOL, lovely cat, mine is not allowd in the sewing room as she eats the pins.....

Cath Ü said...

Lissa we make the little wooden thread holders, plus other kinds as well...
Cath Ü

Carin said...

Your cat is beautiful!

Gina said...

Gorgeous cat.
I hate running out of bobbin thread. I've been FMQ'ing and I ran out in the middle of it. AAGHHH.

I'm doing that BOM as well but I'm 2 months behind. I'll catch up eventually

love and hugs xxx