Tuesday, August 14, 2007

And the Great Unveiling!

well I thought I'd better put a pic up of my ATC's.. well a pic of AN ATC more like it.. I am not 100% sure about this, but it was good to try and like I said in an earlier post, I still have the L Plates on! So if you have some feedback, I'd sure love it! Praise or critique is most welcome! I used a red toile (from holy stash as was the binding), some 30's fabric, and used the embroidery thingy on my machine to embroider hearts.. I have had the machine for at least 3 years and never used any of the embroidery stitches on it..

Also, I did a 30's charm square swap (me swap 30's?? what will I ever do with those????) here is a pic of what I got back.. I LOVE 1930's fabrics, there could be a ring in or two amongst this lot, but there is always a home for fabric in this house.. what I'll do with them, well thats the milltion $$$ question.. Especially as I have LAST YEARS swap still in the baggie! oopsie!

I had to treck to work today and work at one of our branches.. now, I know I am spoiled.. one job is at the end of my street, and the other is in the next suburb.. well I had to go a whopping 40kms to work today in peak hour traffic and road work traffic.. was a wee bit late... and had to reprogram some spreadsheets and print off a tonne of quotes cause the spreadsheet was tampered with.. you know, the PIXIES come in and fiddle with them when the guys aren't at work.. of course I have LOCKED them, but stupid here told them the pass word so they unlock them and fiddle.. and fiddle a LOT.. so I am a bit pooped at the moment, when I was finished at the branch, had to go to the main office and deliver some stuffs and do a 'foreigny' for the boss.. *sigh* some days its tough being me! LOL I would hate to have to actually ever work hard! I did call into the 'S' word shop up at Rutherford to check out what they had in stock.. the only quilty fabric I liked was only available as a FQ.. why o why do they do this???? they IMPORT the FQ's, so they have all these FQ's but no meters of the same fabric.. I asked and the girlie said 'we didn't get that one'.. they have only been open for about 3 months now.. I walked out with NOTHING.. a quilter who couldn't find fabric??????? whats the world coming too????



Ohm and the Art of Applicque said...

Hi Lissa
This is Liz from the ex Pennant Hills Quilters.
The ATC looks great - the rule of 5 is sometimes useful for these small items ie 5 special components eg the base fabric(s), a satin sitch edging in varigated thread, bead/button, fancy thread/embroidery, and metallic fabric.

I also was in the 1930s swap - i think the only fabric I have of yours in the blue and red flowers. It is good to see that someone enjoys the 1930 colourings - I was looking at mine the other day when they arrived and the only thought that cam in to my mind was quilt back material - it takes all sorts to make up the world!

Lindi said...

Aren't ATCs fun? You get to experiment without too much wasted! I have just finished my 1st one, too. I'll post a pic when I recharge my camera battery.
I like Liz's rule of 5.

Helen said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you liked my elemental challenge. I have entered it into Quilts Aotearoa which is the show in Hamilton in Sept that runs with the Craft & Quilt Fair - or is it Stitches and Craft? I know there are two companies and I can never get my head around which is which and what their correct names are. Anyway it is one of your Australian ones that comes over once a year. Who knows, I might yet win a prize! Ans do might you - you are in my draw. Have a great day.

Linda said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, and adding the link to Squilters. I could'nt reply privately as you have your email set as private.

Erica said...

Woo hoo! I got your ATC in the swap Lissa! See the others I received on my blog.