Sunday, August 12, 2007

Woo Hoo

Missy Moo got some good news on Friday. She tried out for a selective primary school and got in! This is like a 'FAME' sorta of school, Performing Arts... to say she is ONE happy camper is an understatement.. just found out its a 1hr 20min bus trip to the school (its 20mins away by car) but we haven't decided definately if she is going. She thinks she is! She tried out for 6th Class, as we thought it would be easier to get to High School from there, rather than trying out for Yr 7 with a few hundred kids. They had 118 kids try out for 40 spots and of that 40, there were 30 kinders, so she did good!

Missy Moo (aged 10) is a mad tap dancer, jazz ballet and classical ballet dancer... She does eisteddfods for the tap only at this stage, but I am sure she'd like to do classical and jazz, but we just dont have the time (or the $$$'s), dancing is NOT a cheap sport! She also took up Gymnastics this year, so does that one day a week... My boys, well "the Beast" (also known as Mary) is fully into Skateboarding and has hair that is almost as long as his sisters (and hers is waist length).. he is loving himself sick at the moment! the middle monster is into talking the leg off an iron pot, now I didn't think chatterbox was a genetic thing but in our household it is! He loves Rugby League, played it one year, but the other kids were HUMUNGOUS compared to him, and he didn't look like he was having too much fun! So he wasn't interested last year and didn't mention it this year (PHEW)...
Just thought I'd share some pics of what I sew when I am not patchworking! Missy Moo's costumes have 1000's of sequins on them, so I am usually sewing on sequins! I actually dont mind doing sequins.. These are her first two costumes I made her, she looks so different now! Still has the gorgeous red hair happening, but has grown so much! I still have these, keep thinking I should whack them on ebay, but they are definately a labour of love, as i'll never get back what I put into them.. The slow costume was the first costume I made, ran out of sequins so I ended up doing a zig zag thing across the bottom, looked great on stage, the feathers were a pain in the bott bott.. the speed costume, was a monumental effort, the diamond shapes I sequinned on lookd great, but you couldn't really see them on stage! bugger!

Speed Costume - Waiting to go on! Slow Costume First Costume I made!
Well thats it from me... till next time of course!!!

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Lindi said...

Congratulations Missy Moo!
And hexagons must seem huge by comparison to sequins. No wonder you enjoy them so much! LOL