Thursday, August 23, 2007

DOH!! doh!! and double Doh!!!

Now I know I have a lot of fabric... and I usually remember WHAT I have.. but... does it mean the stash it out of control when you buy fabric you already own??? I have done this a couple of times before, but sheesh I did it again... TWICE this week! But do NOT worry readers, there is no fabric that is not welcome in this house (cept some of that Debbie Mumm stuffs I was in love with when I first started quilting... what was I thinking???)

Anyways thought I'd share a pic of some of the fabric that arrived this week... bet you can't guess what SORT of fabric it is??

if you guessed Brights?WRONG!!! its 30's of course! LOL

I just had to share this pic with you as well.. I am beginning to think I am turning into one of those crazy cat ladies??? well I knew I was crazy but this cat is a bastardpain in the patooty.. I got this little table at a garage sale for $2.. yes, $2.. I LOVE it.. Its looks like a 40's thing.. has smokey glass on the top (that HAS to go) and its painted white iron thingo.. I got it for a pot plant on the front verandah.. the base of it is super cute, as there is a star done in the iron as well.. Dags hates it, so it stays anyways! I thought I'd repaint it white and put it in my teeny weeny hall with some flowers etc.. In summer I used to have fresh roses in the house (until I went to NZ on holidays and bastard Dags redid the garden for me.... so no roses anymore.. but the gardenia's are still there (they are my favourite flower) and I thought hmm I wonder what the bastard lovely cat would do if there is a vase with flowers on a table in this house??? well I used PLASTIC flowers, no water in the vase and used an old vase.. well I soon found out.. Seems bastard lovely cats like snoozing on tables.. and when they are busted, well they give you the 'why are you even talking to me look'??? So the fresh flowers in the house this summer are going to be a no-go! oh well, I might have to invest in some lovely silk numbers instead!

Well I am off to find my sun room floor, apparently its under that fabric I have scattered out there.. if you dont hear from me for a week, send a search party!!!


Lindi said...

Their gorgeous Lissa! I was referring to the fabrics, but the b.. cat is, too.
Now I know where to go to buy any extra 30s fabrics when I get around to doing a 30s quilt. LOL I think i have 5 FQs now.
Flowers: Silk's good. At least they don't die and sit in the vase for a week as a dried up dead arrangement, like fresh ones tend to do here.
Table was a good buy...
Good luck with the quilt design comp. Do as many designs as you can to increase your chances!

Jodie said...

Lissa, I am glad to hear I am not the only one who buys fabrics she already owns... At least you know you must REALLY like it !

Alison said...

Looks like you have figured out how to strike through words dear....nothing like practice.