Thursday, August 09, 2007

Quilt Show with a difference

As promised, here are some pics from our recent "Vibrator Quilt Challenge"... recap time... vibrating lunch pagers + hungry Quilters = jumpy quilters! when we get paged for our meal, we all jump as the pagers vibrate across the table causing a kerfuffle!

These are only a few of them... from left we have "Heather's Box - fits TWO pagers". Lisa's the "big O", Jan very classy leopard print number with a pinned on blue sporran, Pennie's "Blue Gum" (the pub we eat at is called the Blue Gum), but it was renamed "Ribbed for your pleasure" as she had made it into a sleeping bag for her vibrating pager and had quilted the back into ribs.. very tricky!

Next months challenge is to make an Artist Trading Card, out of Fabric.. I have made mine, but stupid here forgot to add the seam allowance, so its back to square one.. The challenge is to make two, keep one and swap the other, hence a collection according to my friend Lisa.. She thinks if you have two of anything its a collection!

Well we are back from Wellington NSW.. lovely place, but freezing cold! Missy Moo had a successful dance eisteddfod.. six dances, three firsts, two seconds and didn't place for her song & tap.. apparently you are supposed to sing in key and in time, fancy that??? I wasn't sure what was happening with the singing, but she had fun, and had a grin from ear to ear.. 750km's in two days for 20mins of dancing is a bit much, but the kid was happy and thats important isn't it??

I have done half the binding for my friends Lasagne Quilt, gotta think of a new name for it any hints? Its civil war repros, super scrappy, and scratching my head trying to think of a name for it. It is for my friends Birthday in a couple of weeks time.

Well thats it from me tonight, still tired after the drive yesterday! I dont know how truckies do it, the roads were appalling, maybe us 'city slickers' are spoiled with decent roads, but I couldn't beleive I was on a highway half the time with the size of the potholes. Lucky I took the big car and not the little one, I would of lost it in some of those potholes!

Take care....

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