Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy Blogiversary to Me!

Today is my First Blogiversary! Hip Hip Hooray!!

Well a year has gone awful quick, considering I forgot I had a blog for a few months. It was only when someone said 'you know, you never put anything new on your blog'...

Well I haven't been up to a huge deal. I am head driver this week, taking Missy Moo to Starstruck (3500 kids performing 6 shows this week in Newcastle).. Its run by the NSW Dept of Education.. Kinda like Rock Eisteddfod but just local, I think its been around for 15 years now? Anyways the kids have fun, the parents are worn out from being chauffeur's but hey, thats the joys of being a parent..

I haven't been up to a HUGE deal of quilty stuffs this week. I did manage to add about 150 hexagons onto my grandmothers flower garden quilt, so I was pretty happy about that!

I have been a little bit naughty this week, I broke my self imposed 'fabric diet' this week.. *sigh* But whats a girl to do when she see's some fabric that she just has to have? Well she should show some restraint or willpower, but alas I have neither so the fabric I ordered online has started to arrive.. Oopsie! I ordered from three stores, so thats three times I have to beat Dags to the letterbox!

Mystery Quilt

Thought I'd share a pic of a mystery quilt I did a few years ago... I made the top in a day, had a quick two second class on 'how to stipple' at the quilt shop, and off I went. This quilt was pieced, quilted and bound in a week! I know I am odd but I dont mind binding quilts.. I can usually bind a large quilt in a night... The whole time I am doing the binding I am thinking I can start something new! I am trying to cull the UFO piles (yes there is more than one pile) this year, and I have decided not to start too many new things! LOL @ Me.. I have started a few things this year, but can happily say they are all finished (cept the signature quilt and the two BOM's I signed up for).. but hey, apart from that I have finished a quilts this year!

Ok thats enough from me tonight! I am off to cut out some more hexagons for a change!

Take care


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Lindi said...

Happy Blogiversary!
Maybe you could call your purchases a blogiversary present. I have indulged lately, too, but fortunately DH is at work when parcels arrive, so I have time to hide them. grin. I could be in trouble next week though, 'cause I'm going away for a week and there is still 2 to arrive. Hopefully tomorrow...
I like binding, too. I usually sit and sew while the family are around chatting. I always think binding is kind of exciting, beause it means another quilt is all most ready to be used, and I can start the next one.