Thursday, August 09, 2007

How to Clean a toilet!

I just had to share this email I just got from a friend. Now I am a happy dog and cat owner, but this made me smile...

Instructions for Cleaning a toilet
1. Place 1/8th cup of animal shampoo into toilet bowl.
2. Take cat in your arms, and gently stroke it while slowly heading towards direction of toilet
3. At a suitable moment, throw cat into the toilet bowl, close the lid quickly and stand or sit on toilet lid.
4. The cat will now facilitate cleaning process and will process and generate foam required for toilet cleaning. You will know this process is happening by the noises cat is making.
5. After several minutes, flush the toilet. This will start the 'Power Wash' pre-wash, then flush again, for the main wash cycle.
6. Ask someone to open front door, and ensure that there is no one between toilet door AND front door.
7. Get off the toilet quickly and from a safe distance open the lid. The cat will dry naturally due to the speed that he leaves the house.
8. Cat and toilet are now clean.

I loved this, and I would love to know the author! so email me if you know!!

Now dont go dissing me about this, just thought I'd share a funny email. I love my b@stard at, and the dog has learnt to love him too..

Not much quilty happening here, did finish the binding on the lasagne quilt, still pondering a name for said quilt, and will get to the Bendigo Siggies this weekend.
Till next time...

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Lindi said...

It reminds me of Rock Strata... how the layers form over the years.
Or how about Layer Cake, seeing as it is for a birthday!
Anyway, I'm sure he'll like it whatever you call it...even Lasagne Quilt would be fine. LOL